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Our team of counsellors provide empathic understanding, expertise  and practical interventions to help you experience positive change in your self, your relationships and your life. Benefit from our commitment to getting you past the solutions to enhancing your quality of life.


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During the age of social and identity insecurity, youth and teens may become heavily influenced by peer pressure to navigate their social world in order to fit in.
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Ya plain dumb to think or be like that

In the age of technology, there has been a rise in cyberbullying, which is most common for youth as they are heavily influenced by social media.
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Learn some ways that you can improve your finances for a less stressful summer. Read about that and more!
The rush of Stampede season provides a chaotic parallel to the everyday familiarity of normal life, this can insight psychological trauma in addition to the inevitable trauma that our wallets will also suffer. Read more…
When July comes around in Calgary, the financial burden of the Calgary Stampede
always comes along with it. We sat down and talked to Charles Coleman, A registered psychologist, about Financial Stress and how it can impact your mental health
and well-being.
#calgarypsychologists #financialstress #moneymanagement
Practicing healthy financial habits is always paramount, but ensuring extra diligence in this area during Stampede is important. Read more…
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