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Enjoy Valentine’s Day—without the Dread and Anxiety

Posted on: Saturday, February 1st, 2020

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and with it, people experience many mixed emotions regardless of whether or not they are in a relationship. It is common for people to feel sad, anxious, and/or lonely for a variety of reasons in the lead up to Valentine’s Day. Maybe you are single or in a relationship that is not making you happy. Whatever the reason, you are not alone. A study conducted showed that one-third of individuals dread Valentine’s Day rather than feeling excited or joyful. If this is you, take heart because you are not alone.


Yes, Valentine’s Day is supposed to be a day about love and romance, but that does not mean that people need a partner in order to participate. Valentine’s Day can be used to show love and kindness towards other meaningful members of your life, such as friends and family. Most importantly, don’t forget about yourself! There are many ways you can spread love to others such as planning a night with friends, visiting a family member, or participating in an act of kindness such as volunteering or simply helping a stranger during your day.


Additionally, there are many ways you can show love to yourself on Valentine’s Day. Making a care package with some of your favourite things, making a list of traits that you love about yourself, buying yourself something meaningful, or doing something that brings you joy are all activities you can treat yourself to do for Valentine’s Day. There are many more alternative Valentine’s Day options so whether you are single or in a relationship, you will be able to plan the perfect day to show your appreciation for yourself and those around you. This not only makes Valentine’s Day more enjoyable, but it can also significantly impact your mental health in a positive way. So make this Valentine’s Day one to remember while giving yourself and those you appreciate some extra love.

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