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Experiencing Some Financial Stress This Holiday?

Posted on: Sunday, December 22nd, 2019

The well-awaited winter holidays are here: time with friends and family, partaking in festivities, and of course, gift shopping. Some can find this an easy extension to their holiday to-do list, others may find it stressful as they don’t know what to buy for their friends and family, and other times – they are spending more than they are earning. 


Shopping addiction can be easily masked over the holidays, as most of us experience the same symptoms as those with shopping addiction but on a lesser scale. For example, the trophy aspect of a shopping addiction is fairly common to all during the holidays as we all search for the perfect gift for someone. But here is where it differs, we all get a little giddy when shopping, but eventually, the high goes away and we can carry on, as well as prioritize our own financial situations over the feeling we get when shopping. Shopaholics, on the other hand, have trouble with this process as they can get addicted to the feeling associated with shopping and carry out compulsive shopping to fulfill this emotional need. 


Some signs of shopping addiction can be: spending more than they can afford, shopping in means to cope with anger or sadness, harming relationships due to overspending, as well as a sense of loss of control over shopping behaviour. 


It’s important to note that everyone may experience these behaviours from time to time on a small scale, but if you feel that you or a loved one is at risk of, or is experiencing a shopping addiction, early intervention is key to acting proactively against any relational and financial strain.


Lastly, remember that no price tag on a gift is equivalent to the price of a good relationship and spending time together, which is priceless.

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