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Launching eCounselling Option in 2010!

Posted on: Friday, January 1st, 2010

With the unprecedented accessibility to new forms of communication technology and the distance that sometimes separates people from the resources and help they need, some may find it beneficial to use emails, telephone, skype or instant messaging to address personal issues and concerns.

What is it?

eCounselling is an opportunity to connect with a professional counsellor from the privacy of your own home or space. Some people find it easier to talk about thoughts and feelings over the internet than in person. Through email you are able to communicate your thoughts and feelings at your own pace and take the time you need to be effective in what you want to say. Enjoy the same confidentiality as in face-to-face counselling. If you are finding it impossible or very difficult to get to a counsellors office then eCounselling is ideal for you. You can access the help you need through telephone conversations or videocounselling through skype with ease and convenience.

How it works?

Email us or phone us to set up an appointment for telephone, skype or instant message/chat via Yahoo or MSN. For the email option, let us know which package you have chosen. No appointments are required.

Suitable for…

  • Stay-at-home moms and other individuals unable to get away from home or the office
  • Flight attendants and those who find themselves constantly out of town or live out of town
  • Life management and relationship coaching needs

Not suitable for…

  • Couples or families accessing counselling together
  • Individuals with chronic depression
  • Individuals who are suicidal or currently in crises

Email packages

#1: 3 full page emails $150

#2: 12 full page emails/month $450


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