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Women’s Mental Health

Posted on: Tuesday, March 2nd, 2021

March 8th marks International Women’s Day. In light of this, Journey Counselling would like to highlight the importance of focusing on women’s mental health. The mental health of all individuals is extremely important but there are certain issues that can be more impactful for the women within a society. Often women have been raised and taught to display their emotions in certain ways. These ways can create restrictions to how women process their feelings and experiences as all people are different.


Cultural expectations can sometimes result in women believing they must deal with their struggles internally rather than externally and thus not be noticed to be suffering by those around them. Some mental disorders also affect women differently such as depression and anxiety. As women grow and develop they should feel they can express and process their emotions in whatever way suits them best. As International Women’s Day approaches we encourage you to consider the complex community of women you are surrounded by. Each woman is different and unique in their own personal and incredible way.


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