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Blended Families

Learn to navigate the choppy waters of integrating two or more families.

Blended Families

It’s normal to expect some increased stress with any major change, and integrating two families is no small task. Blending families can become more complicated and challenging for our children than we realize. It can be difficult to balance each individual relationship and natural loyalties can leave some family members feeling jealous, confused, resentful, or grief. There may be different perspectives on the best way to parent, appropriate roles, boundaries, and discipline.

We will help you:

  • to openly discuss what’s really going on beneath the surface, resolve confusion, and come to an agreement as a family,
  • develop better structure to give kids more stability and security,
  • gradually and appropriately strengthen emotional connections between each member of the family, and
  • help you balance your different roles (e.g., parent, spouse) and the needs of all those who depend on you.

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