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Parenting for Teens

Learn how to prepare teens for life.

Parenting for Teens

Adolescence is a notoriously challenging time for both teens and their parents.  As teens seek increasing independence, parents often feel like they are pulling away from them and always seeming angry, impatient, ambivalent, or sullen.  The issues families commonly deal with include drugs and alcohol, self-esteem, dating and sexuality, depression, anxiety and stress, to name just a few.  As school becomes more challenging, potential unrecognized learning disabilities may start to impact grades, but this can also be a result of psychological stress or demotivation, and it can be all but impossible for parents to know what is really going on.

Our family counsellors have specialized skills to coach parents (and teens directly) on the major tasks that all teens need to go through, including learning how to

  •  make better decisions
  •  communicate, listen, and relate more effectively
  •  discover what they love to do, and
  •  earn the trust of adults by demonstrating responsibility