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It’s important to understand the risk factors for addiction and binge drinking, such as: repetitive stress, family history, mental disorders, lack of family support, availability, etc. It is also important to understand these risks as they are heavily involved in Stampede culture.
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#CalgaryStampede #Stampedesafety #addictionscounselling
#calgarystampede #addictionscounselling #stampedesafety
It’s Stampede season, and while we all deserve to let loose and embrace Calgarian culture, these two weeks can habituate a loss of reality for party go-ers and Stampede revellers, and even hide symptoms of gambling and drinking addictions.
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Know the signs that your child may need a psycho-educational assessment. Learn about that and more!
Many children can positively benefit from a psycho-educational assessment in order to create an individual personalized learning plan to better suit your child’s learning needs. Read more…


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so true

We don’t all fit into a man made mould. GOD created us differently for a reason. He did not want robots. A starts off academic but also can begin asshole.

Very true

Very true

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It is often thought that only children who are struggling in school require psycho-educational assessments, however, what many people don’t know is that psycho-educational assessments can be used to identify a child’s strengths and weaknesses. Read more…


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The Best Healer for anyone is a Pet!! Beautiful Bunny!!

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