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Our team of counsellors provide empathic understanding, expertise  and practical interventions to help you experience positive change in your self, your relationships and your life. Benefit from our commitment to getting you past the solutions to enhancing your quality of life.


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Some tips to ensure successful retention of goals set, would be by using the SMART model, which entails that one sets specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound goals.
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I am divorcing my husband after spending the last 7 months living in a shelter I have enough to be in my own place but I only have a bad blow up bed and an uncomfortable folding chair and a radio I think that I shouldn't have left the shelter I am thinking I should go back there until I have the money to get my things from the house and some furniture I haven't been happy for most of my life I don't think I ever will be

Remember that no price tag on a gift is equivalent to the price of a good relationship and spending time together, which is priceless.

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Shopping addiction can be easily masked over the holidays, as most of us experience the same symptoms as those with shopping addiction but on a lesser scale.
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