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16 Years of Expert Care! And counting…

Posted on: Wednesday, April 3rd, 2024

On April 1 st , 2024, Journey celebrates 16 years of serving our many clients in the Calgary community
and beyond! We have built a network of expertise, and our passion keeps growing. Founded with a
focus on couples and families we quickly grew into an all-round counselling practice addressing
diverse client needs.

Here are some of the areas that have stood out:

 Pre-marriage preparation designed for couples to do individually and in group setting.
 Relationship counselling to improve communication, manage life transitions and re-build trust
after infidelity.
 Supporting children whose parents are engaged in high-conflict divorce, struggle with anxiety
or avoid going to school.
 Individual concerns with trauma, mood regulation, addictions, and burnout.
 Psychoeducational assessments for children and adults.

In recent years we focused on growing our capacity to work with blended families (stepfamilies) by
identifying how these families are different from first families and the unique challenges they face as
well as how to overcome them. We continue this push with regular in-house training and external
consultation with renowned experts in the field of stepfamily work.
In the coming years we will continue to build on these areas of strength and chart new courses. Some
of these include ADHD and Autism Spectrum assessments, Hypnotherapy, Trauma work with EMDR,
Complex Grief, and Sex Therapy. We also now have two Substance Abuse Professionals.
As we celebrate 16 years, we thank all of you for journeying with us! Let us know if there are areas of
concern you need support with, or we should build expertise in. We continue our commitment to
getting you further down the road…

Charles Coleman

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