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A time for every purpose!

Posted on: Monday, September 21st, 2009

To everything there is a season and a purpose for every time!

Today is the first day of fall and there’s a slight chill in the air to prove it. Usually without fail, fall comes and then winter. Not always on the 21st of Sept though! The seasons are affected by the rotation of the earth and other natural laws that don’t change.

There are seasons in our lives. Along the journey of change we arrive at moments that can become the beginning of a new season. Moments when we can start a new season by making a decision. A decision to start the process of change. A decision to step it up to the next level.

Since change takes time, allow yourself a whole season of change. A season to focus on one area. If new year resolutions where spread over several seasons, there might be more of a success rate. What will you focus on this fall?

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