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Achieving Your New Year’s Resolutions in 2015!

Posted on: Friday, January 2nd, 2015

How many of you are starting out the new year with a bright shiny new resolution or three? Trends in resolutions center around things like eating a healthier diet, spending more time with friends, or better money management. All of these ideas are positive changes that would greatly enhance our quality of life and yet we still have difficulty maintaining them. Year after year, despite our good intentions, we find ourselves breaking with our goals.

We have dug ourselves into deep ruts of bad habits and then have a very difficult time finding our way out again. This is normal as change can be incredibly hard. Psychologists have studied the nature of change and the different stages that we have to go through to reach the goals that we want for ourselves. Consider your specific resolution and where you might land among the following stages of change.

  • Before thoughts: Though your friends, family or perhaps your boss believes that you are dealing with something that you need to address, you personally don’t think anything is amiss. You take no action towards change, as you believe nothing is wrong.
  • Considering it: You are aware that you there is something in your life, which could benefit from some action, but your ideas are hazy about what kind of action you might want to take. With this stage especially, it’s important to understand the difference between your final goal and the actions that you will need to achieve that final goal.
  • Kicking it into gear: You make a decision to initiate a change and prove it by taking small behavioural and mental actions that are necessary to start this change.
  • Taking action: You are EXTREMELY motivated and show it with your commitment to your efforts over time.
  • Keeping on keeping on: You are able to continue the changes in your life in order to sustain your goal. Success!

At which stage did you place yourself? If you find yourself earlier in the stages, perhaps this explains why the changes you desire just aren’t happening yet. Instead of being upset about not being able to reach your goal at this moment, take some time to consider what it means that you are at a certain stage of change. Ask yourself what could help move you along this path. If you’d like to jump start this reflection, book a session with a counsellor at Journey Counselling and we will help get you on your way.

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