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Anxiety at Christmas

Posted on: Saturday, December 11th, 2021

Oh, the joys of the Christmas season. For some, Christmas is a magical time of year filled with peace, laughter, family, friends, excellent food, winter activities, warm evenings, and pleasant memories. But for others, it is also a season crippled by anxiety, stress, and sadness.


The holidays often present a long list of demands – shopping, cooking, cleaning, parties, travel, expectations, and the consumption of sweets, beverages, and extra calories, to name a few.


According to a recent survey, Christmas is the most stressful and anxiety-inducing time of the year for over half of UK adults. So much so, that 16% indicated they’d prefer to file their taxes than go to a family Christmas gathering, and 26% said it’s more exhausting than a job interview! A North American survey found that 45% of respondents dread the festive season.


There are, however, certain things you may do to help manage stress and anxiety throughout the holiday season. Take a break and do something relaxing for yourself. Try going on a mindful walk and practice deep breathing or meditation. Sleep well, and remember that you don’t have to have the “perfect Christmas” – taking care of yourself is more important than buying lavish gifts or throwing the ideal party.


Give yourself the Christmas present of looking after YOUR mental health this season!

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