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Autism Awareness

Posted on: Thursday, April 13th, 2023

Every year all over the world, the month of April is observed as Autism Awareness Month. We take this time to focus on providing and sharing knowledge about Autism Spectrum Disorder. The goal of spreading awareness is to convey the message that people with Autism are often misread, misinterpreted and dismissed in our society when they should be acknowledged, included and celebrated. Autism is not a disease, it is a condition. It is a developmental disorder which cannot be diagnosed in the early days of birth, but is rather determined through the habits and behaviours of adolescence as growth and development occur. Autistic children exhibit specific symptoms in their daily behaviours that may make them appear different from other children. To understand the differences in autistic children and to be able to help aid the development of their skills in spite of these potential setbacks we are here to help! 

Symptoms of autism vary across the spectrum and from child to child. The following are some of the symptoms seen in children with autism.

  • Making little or no eye contact when speaking. 
  • Pointing to a desired object, rather than verbalizing interest
  • Antisocial behaviour, self-isolation, reluctance to play with peers
  • Difficulty or inability to verbally communicate
  • Hyper sensitivity to loud noises and stimuli
  • Heightened sensory reactions to sounds, light, textures, etc. 
  • Seeming to be “in their own world” 
  • Detached or unaware of others’ feelings and social norms

There are many more signs and symptoms that may or may not be present with the diagnosis of autism, but if you are concerned about any of these symptoms with your child, it may be in their best interest to have an assessment done for this disorder. We at Journey Counselling are here to help!

Early training, special education, behaviour therapies, and family support all work together to help us navigate and work with the special language and behaviours of children with autism. We strive to provide resources, support and encouragement to any and all families that are battling autism. 

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