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Back to School 2010

Posted on: Friday, August 27th, 2010

It is that time of year, yet again, it happens at the same time every year, yet pandemonium still ensues.  Parents look forward to the kids going back to school, to the familiar routine that life seems to be designed around, but getting it all up and running again seems to stress time and pocket books.  There is immense planning around going back to school; between scheduling, class picking, supply shopping, new clothing needed and extra curricular activity planning and juggling doors can open up to disconnect and discontent within the home.

While parents try to plan for every potentially lost mitt, children can grow nervous; who will their teachers be?  Will my new clothes be ‘in’?...   The list can go on.  Feel free to take a break, the sales are rampant and going nowhere, try to put it all in perspective.  We all made it through school, take the opportunity to all grow in the process as a family and do your best to enjoy the journey.  Calgary is abundant with support for families, and fun activities to enjoy to take your mind off of the every day stresses, and seasonal pressures.

At Journey Counselling we have some links for you to help ease the stress of the upcoming fall.  Happy Fall 2010!

For some events in Calgary:

Calgary Board of Education Information:

Calgary Catholic Board of Education:

New U of C Student Information:

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