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Black Lives Matter & Jason Bourne!

Posted on: Wednesday, September 21st, 2016

When so many black men are shot even while complying with police orders and when lies are told to frame the incident as self defence then right away I am thinking this is deeper than conscious thought. The unconscious mind handles the shooting and the conscious mind explains it away. Jason Bourne was a trained killer and he had to undergo some serious behaviour modification so that he would act without conscious thought when killing…even American citizens. This knee jerk response of some officers to the confrontation of a black man is a conditioned and unconscious psychological response.

Something even worse than racism is going on: a systematic deferential reinforcement behavioural modification programming that some cops are trained with. Yes, there is racism in the culture, and all of us are exposed to the messaging and the stereotypes. But it doesn’t explain all of why a non-racist cop shoots to kill when there is little or no threat. The perceived threat is so much Bigger in their minds and their response is so well practiced (again in their minds). Who is training these cops and in what ways are they working to alter or reinforce the way these cops perceive black men?

If Elizabeth Warren can ask Wells Fargo CEO Stumpf “What have you done to hold yourself accountable?” so can we of the leaders of the cops involved. Their chiefs and their training school directors must be investigated. Otherwise we the citizens are guilty of positively reinforcing the heinous behaviour that well-meaning cops are engaged in.

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