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Canadian Men’s Health Week

Posted on: Monday, June 10th, 2019

Men’s Health Week is globally celebrated every year preceding Fathers Day in order to raise awareness for and shine light on men’s health issues. This year for Canadian Men’s Health Week (June 10-16, 2019), the Canadian Men’s Health Foundation will be focusing on “How to Be Healthy at Work” which encourages men to lead healthier lives. Adam Kreek, an Olympic gold medalist, shares some easy tips for staying healthy at work. He recommends standing during calls and meetings, as well as incorporating walking meetings into your workday. He recommends giving your eyes 3-minute breaks from screen time at regular intervals in order to reduce the harmful effects of computer screens. He also recommends eliminating the consumption of coffee after 3 pm, in addition to only packing healthy snacks for your desk. It has been proven that unhealthy snacks that are more than 6 feet away promote reduced consumption by 50%! For more information regarding the Canadian Men’s Health Week, you can visit this website.

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