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Self Care Now – Before the Chaos of Fall/Winter

Posted on: Thursday, September 11th, 2014

Often times the way we tend to a family member or friend is much kinder than the care that we give to ourselves. It’s easy to let other priorities take precedence over our own day to day maintenance as often no one but ourselves is aware of this neglect. In the short run this seems like a good solution, we get the task done and that means we’re successful, right? The difficulty comes in the long run when we’re exhausted, unproductive and unhappy. Self care is about identifying and meeting our own needs on a regular basis. Practicing consistent self care is the best preventative remedy to mental and physical health difficulties. If we take care of ourselves now, we’re less likely to have conflicts with loved ones, get sick and/or feel emotionally overwhelmed. We need to get back to the basics of taking care of ourselves, a.k.a., self care.

Enjoyable Activities

  • Integrating activities into your regular routine can be a great creative and physical release. Think about what you used to do for fun as a child, chances are you would enjoy adult versions of those activities.
  • Choose to do these activities at times that works well for you. Are you a morning person or a night owl? You lessen your chances of enjoying, or even showing up to your activities if your feet are dragging all the way.


  • Get a good amount of sleep. You are not an electronic device, you can’t charge yourself up on 15 hours of sleep at once and hope it will get you through the rest of the week. It’s important that you get a good amount sleep on a regular basis.
  • Create good sleep habits for yourself by going to bed at a regular time, turning off your electronics (computer/cell phone) an hour before bed, and limiting the un-sleep related activities you do in your bed.

Take a break

  • Give yourself permission to take some downtime. Though it may seem counterintuitive, you actually need to take breaks in order to be efficient and effective.

Eat well

  • Many times people don’t end up eating in a healthy fashion because they feel that they don’t have the time to prepare food for themselves. Or we eat standing up…or while driving! We need to reframe “not having time” to “making the time”. You will feel better and think more clearly with good food in your belly.

Connect with other people

  • Talk to trusted friends and family members about what’s going on in your life. Studies have shown that connecting with other human beings is one of the best ways for us to regulate our emotions.

Book a counselling appointment at Journey Counselling. In counselling you can talk about the stressors in your life and be empowered to bump up your self care.

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