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Let us celebrate all kinds of mothers!

Posted on: Sunday, May 14th, 2017

In most countries, the second Sunday of May marks the day of honouring our mother. Every year, hundreds of thousands of dollars are spent on flowers, greeting cards, and other special gifts for mothers. Although moms are generally thankful for the presents, survey says that the top three gifts they really want are dinner with the family, a clean house, and a spa treatment. The results are not surprising at all: most mothers give a great deal of time and energy in parenting and keeping the family together. They are the multi-taskers who bear enormous responsibility to be the center of their children’s worlds. Moreover, 73% of Canadian women with children under the age of 16 are employed and are expected to excel in their careers. Mothers burn out and note that they are overwhelmed and undervalued. Simple things, like a day off or even a short nap means the world to them.


Let us remember

Not all mothers have a biological connection to their children. The definition of a mother varies from culture to culture or certain situations. Let us not forget to acknowledge:

Soon-to-be moms who are terrified as well as excited for their first-time motherhood experience.

Single moms who cooks, clean, and play with their children after a long day at work.

Moms who gave birth and made the best decision to let their babies be raised by others.

Mothers who adopted children and love them as their own.

Grandmothers who provide love and advise to her children and grandchildren.

Stepmothers who love and treat their stepchildren with love and respect.

Foster mothers who have given a foster child a chance to have a family.

Bereaved mothers who lost a child.

The mother-at-heart who longs to have a baby but can’t conceive.

The mother of cute puppies, kittens, or any pets.

The godmother who plays an integral part of a child’s spiritual upbringing.

The teachers, social workers, neighbors, and friends who provide guidance to children.

Aunts, cousins, friends, and babysitters who takes care of the children when mom is not around.

Let us celebrate our own very special moms and all the inspirational motherly figures that support us everyday.


Other dates to commemorate moms

Stepmother’s Day – Celebrated on the Sunday after Mother’s Day. Children tend to spend time with their biological mom during Mother’s Day, so Stepmom’s Day was created to give children the opportunity to bond with their second mom as well.

Bereaved Women’s Day – Honored on the Sunday before Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day advertisements show festivity and celebration for being a mother. This can cause painful reactions to some women or couples, especially the ones who lost a child. Bereaved Women’s Day is to show empathy to women who experienced miscarriage, stillbirth, SIDS, or any type of pregnancy and infant lost. It is also an opportunity for grieving moms to be vulnerable, and have healthy expressions of pain and sorrow.

Godmother’s Day – Celebrated on the first Sunday of June. A day to remember how important their role are in a child’s life and spiritual development.

Let us celebrate all kinds of mothers, not only on Mother’s Day but everyday of our lives. Thank you moms!

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