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Celebrating Black History Month at Journey Counselling

Posted on: Tuesday, February 16th, 2021

Black History Month is a special time each year where we are called to reflect upon and celebrate members of the African Canadian community. Members of the African American/Canadian community have faced adversities for hundreds of years and have still been able to become incredible leaders and impactful members of society. This February is a time to not only celebrate famous well remembered individuals but also those close to you who have positively impacted you, that are part of the African Canadian community.

At Journey Counselling we are blessed to be led by Charles Coleman, PhDc., and would love to celebrate him and his contributions and achievements this month. Charles founded Journey Counselling and as a clinical supervisor has facilitated an incredibly warm, welcoming and accepting environment for others to grow through their counselling training experience. He has a diploma in Psychoeducation & Guidance from the University of Calgary and a master’s degree in counselling psychology from City University in Bellevue, Washington and is currently completing his PhD in marriage and family therapy through NorthCentral University in Scottsdale, Arizona. His empathy and desire to help others has drawn clients from all walks of life, mixed-race couples, ethnicities and worldviews. Together with his team, he is currently establishing a first-of-its-kind Blended Family counselling workshop in Calgary.

This month we encourage you to reflect on those in the African American community that have positively impacted you. As you are inspired by the incredible leaders celebrated this month and the adversities they overcame, take hope that you are capable of doing the same. There are many therapists like Charles Coleman and Joshua Williams at Journey Counselling that are ready to start that journey with you. 

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