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Compassion Fatigue Among Nurses

Posted on: Monday, May 18th, 2020

It was previously National Nursing Week in Canada and it is important to acknowledge the hard work that nurses do, especially right now. Nurses and other health care professionals are working diligently to help people stay healthy and safe during these difficult circumstances. As their work is very important, they can put themselves through a lot of risk. Not only is their health at risk for being in potentially contaminated environments, but their mental health may be at risk when working and witnessing difficult situations. 


Nurses can be at risk for compassion fatigue at any point in their career due to the amount of challenging events that occur in their work. Compassion fatigue is when professionals such as nurses experience emotional strain due to witnessing, working, and being around others that are facing traumatic events. This can affect the mental health of nurses and lead them to their work performance changing in a negative way. It is crucial for nurses to take care of themselves and their mental health if they are experiencing compassion fatigue. 


If you or someone you know is suffering from compassion fatigue, it is important to express feelings that are causing the fatigue, get a proper amount of sleep, exercise when possible, and do something meaningful on days off work. 


Even though National Nursing week has recently passed, it is significant to maintain the appreciation for the work that nurses do by spreading positive messages to a nurse you know or a nurse at a local hospital. 


If you are feeling overwhelmed with the work you are doing, contact us today to help alleviate the stress you are facing.

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