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Could it be That we are Lying Dormant?

Posted on: Monday, May 10th, 2021

Like a volcano that lies in wait, or a plant in harsh conditions that does not grow and waits for the rains before putting forth its shoots, or a bear that hibernates or cicadas that wait up to 17 years before coming out by the trillion – could it be that we are lying dormant in 2020-2021? That the feeling we have called blah, is the experience of dormancy?

We may be waiting to be activated when the conditions become less harsh.

Ideas may indeed be forming inside of us and strength quietly building, but while the pandemic lasts, we may not be able to achieve what we normally did in pre-pandemic times, where productivity drove us to get a lot done and exceed our own goals.

Embrace it. There is a time to be latent and to lay in wait.

Like Austin Kleon says, many of us may feel like we are languishing because we are trying to flourish in harsh conditions. Read the full article here.

We will know when it is time to create again, time to unleash those ideas that have been building on the inside, to write that book, run that marathon, learn that language, accomplish that big goal, lose that weight or make a career move. Until then allow yourself to chug along.

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