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Why Cultivating Gratitude Pays Off

Posted on: Friday, September 21st, 2012

Life can get busy in Calgary and it’s easy to forget to take a moment and notice the many blessings we enjoy every day. Even during trying times, cultivating gratitude can be one of the best things we do for ourselves and for those whom we love.

Research shows that, compared to those people who don’t pay special attention to expressing gratitude

  • Grateful people are happier. They experience positive feelings more frequently and more strongly. They have lower levels of depression and less stress. They often talk about their lives with a greater sense of satisfaction and optimism. ¬†They are more likely to make progress toward important personal goals.
  • Grateful people are healthier. When people start focusing on expressing gratitude, the amount of time they spend exercising goes up. They sleep longer and their sleep is more restful. They have more vitality, and fewer physical problems.
  • Grateful people get more of what they want from life. People who focus on gratitude are more likely to make progress toward important personal goals, in areas such as work, school, relationships, finances and health.
  • Grateful people have better relationships. Expressing gratitude is one of the most important factors in a successful marriage or relationship. When people start looking for the blessings in their everyday lives, they stop taking their partners for granted and people around them become happier.

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