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Giving Back – Counselling Training in Rwanda

Posted on: Saturday, September 17th, 2016

Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean. ~Ryunosuke Satoro

My colleague Jeremy Siemens and I are going to the land of gorillas, coffee and a thousand hills from Oct 10 – 24, 2016! This will be my third trip. Post genocide Rwanda has seen significant national rebuilding and many efforts towards healing the psychological and emotional trauma of the people. We will be connecting with friends leading two non-profit organizations committed to providing counselling and the development of trained clinicians. 

Live Again Rwanda provides direct counselling to Rwandans as well as a free 6-month lay counselor training program that equips graduates to offer support and care to other Rwandans. We will spend a week with 60 – 70 of these graduates offering some advanced training in Marriage Therapy Skills, Neurobiology and Trauma Counselling. We will also provide direct counselling to participants and other clients already connected with the org.

Hopethiopia/Rwanda has grown to include a vocational skills training centre for women disenfranchised by war and Hope Home: a transitional facility for rehabilitated ex-convicts. HopeRwanda liaises with the psychologists at the Rwanda Military Hospital who provide counselling support and care for the many hundreds of inmates at the Iwawa Rehabilitation and Vocational Skills Center. We will visit the IRVSC on an island and host a weeklong conference in advanced trauma counselling skills to the 40 psychologists at the hospital.

Adventure awaits! Join us for the ride – follow us here

Charles C.

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