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Hypnosis Continued – FAQs

Posted on: Tuesday, June 27th, 2023

Frequently Asked Questions about Hypnotherapy



Does hypnotherapy work?
Scientific evidence supporting the benefits of hypnotherapy has been limited but is growing.
The research on hypnosis for treating pain, irritable bowel syndrome and post traumatic stress
disorder symptoms has shown strong evidence.

Can anyone be hypnotized?
Each person differs in their ability to be hypnotized. A person’s fears or concerns about hypnosis
may interfere with their ability to be hypnotized.

What is the experience of an individual during hypnosis?
People describe the experience of hypnosis in different ways. Some describe it as deep relaxed
state, some experience it as if they are “zoned in” or in a trance-like state, and some explain it as
a state of calmness. Most clients share that their senses become more alert and aware.

What type of person benefits the most from hypnosis?
A highly motivated person is most likely to benefit from hypnosis. Like any other treatment,
hypnosis may be helpful for certain conditions or in certain people.

Is hypnotherapy contraindicated in certain conditions?
Hypnosis is contraindicated with certain mental health concerns, for example, psychosis, and
individuals currently abusing drugs. To find out more, please discuss the concerns with your

Do insurance plans cover the cost of hypnosis?
Hypnosis is usually integrated with other treatment modalities as part of a broader treatment
plan. All insurance plans that cover psychological services will cover your treatment by a
registered psychologist practicing hypnosis. Please contact your health insurance provider to ask
if hypnotherapy as a stand-alone treatment is a covered benefit.



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