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The Importance of Appreciating Teachers

Posted on: Saturday, February 8th, 2020

Teachers play a very important role in society, communities, and more importantly on children and youth that they are surrounded with. Their role in the community is a very challenging and draining one, as they have the responsibility of helping youth learn, develop, and transition into their new generation. Teachers make positive impacts on their students’ lives by enhancing their self-esteem in an encouraging and engaging learning environment, along with many other ways. They also have other important responsibilities such as grading homework, meeting with parents, and ensuring the needs of their students are me. Let’s not forget that teachers face detrimental budget cuts that affect everything about the way they are able to perform their jobs, from the ways that classes are formatted, to the ways they are able to teach their classes, or worse yet, their job security.  


Clearly, a teachers’ life can be a difficult one and they can face many obstacles throughout the course of their career. It is incredibly important that their role in the community is always appreciated and protected. Whether you are a student or a parent of a student, it is important to express appreciation to teachers for what they do and what they go through on a daily basis. This can be a simple thank you in person, thoughtful card, or a gift to show how much you appreciate them. Showing your gratitude can go a long way.  


For teachers, when things are getting overwhelming and difficult, it is important to reach out to meaningful people in your life or seek treatment if you feel it is necessary. A counsellor can help alleviate any stress you are facing, manage any strong emotions, and give you useful helpful strategies to live a healthy life.

One Response to “The Importance of Appreciating Teachers”

  1. On February 9th, 2020, Shelley Gordon said:

    I went to a public school in Saskatchewan, following my two other siblings. I had a grade one teacher that caused so much self esteem damage, it was almost paralyzingly for me. After a long period of time,without making my parents aware of it, the damage was done. Grade two started off very rocky…. until my teacher, who I’ll never forget, took me under her wing and showed me love, kindness, and extra special attention to build me back up. Although, I struggled with confidence throughout my life, I’ll never forget my teacher who I’m sure never truly knew what a difference she made in my life. So always speak the words, in action, or a little note to let these teachers know they appreciated and are vital to the next generation!