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Indigenous Mental Health

Posted on: Wednesday, July 14th, 2021

The past month or so has been devastating for Canadians across the country. With the continual discovery of hundreds of unmarked graves at residential schools across the country, devastation, mourning and heart break has plagued indigenous communities. Almost all of these unmarked graves belong to children who attended residential schools. Residential schools were put in place by the Canadian government in order to colonize indgenous people away from their traditions and cultural practices. 

Residential Schools and the tragedy that was experienced within them has often not been taught or spoken about within Canadian history. Due to this, the shock of what has been found beneath them recently has been flabbergasting for many. Unfortunately, the wound that is being reopened for indigenous people hasn’t healed in the first place for many. Generational trauma and mental health can be deep struggles for indigenous people today. There is never any shame in seeking help, it is not weak, it is strong. If you or someone you know are a part of the indigenous community, there are many mental health resources in place to help. Please reach out to take care of your mental health and start on a path to healing.

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