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Is this a Phase and Will it Pass? Recognizing Adjustment vs. Depression

Posted on: Monday, September 18th, 2023

With the onset of fall and getting back to school and work cycles, there is often change in the air, in our homes and in the way we sometimes feel. Schedules move from summer’s ‘whatever happens happens’ to we have to be out of the house by 7am and not forget to feed the cat, or the kids, or ourselves!

We may feel ourselves adjusting to these changes in so many ways. Some of us may want to sleep in just a little longer, we may become irritable while driving or we may commit to working out more at the gym. Others may find themselves quickly getting overwhelmed and pulling out of activities and commitments, skipping meals or canceling date night. And yet, some of us may feel more optimistic about all the things we are now getting done and enjoy ticking items off our to do lists. We all adjust differently. Go with it for a while.

You are not depressed. You are just adjusting.

However, if you are skipping meals, and sleeping in, and feeling unmotivated, and you are not just canceling activities but have stopped enjoying things you like to do, and this is lasting for weeks at a time, then maybe your body is telling you something else. Maybe the change in seasons and the onset of fall has brought with it signs of depression.

Stay tuned for more about depression in the weeks ahead. If you need to talk, give us a call and book an appointment with a counsellor who can help.

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