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MJ – A Man to be Honored!

Posted on: Monday, July 13th, 2009

Before the furor with MJ runs out…

I have listened to the news over the last few weeks since Michael Jackson died and heard nothing but stories of MJ. Stories of how Michael started as a young sensation at 5 years, stories of how he pushed the envelope with his music and dance styles, stories of being the first African American to have a music video on MTV, stories of world records that have not been broken decades later, stories of worldwide influence and impact. So many stories of how MJ made a difference to the world through music. 

Like many who were fascinated with the ‘moonwalk’ when I first saw it and spent hours trying to produce the same moves on the dance floor, I was glad for a man that could ‘be’ the difference. I was surprised at the news coverage, for while there was some focus on what I have highlighted above, there was a lot said about ‘trash’! Maybe everything that has been said in the tabloids is true and maybe like all of us MJ had room to grow. But on the day of his passing, and in the days after, it’s important to note in ‘what ways did he have an impact DESPITE what else he may have done?’

Working with clients over the years, I hear them share about the problems in their lives and its obvious for many that the problems are overwhelming. Sometimes so overwhelming that they obscure the client’s abilities, strengths and resources. Sometimes its like the eclipse of the sun by the much smaller and closer moon. What the client is capable of, what they have previously accomplished against the problem is hidden behind the barrage of information running like a tape of the problems the client is facing.

So, well, before we spend countless energy (media!) on going over and over the ‘trashy’ aspects of a man’s life, lets take the time to honor him for what he allowed himself to be in ways that impacted so many in a positive way. 

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