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Mother’s Day

Posted on: Wednesday, May 5th, 2021

As Mothers Day approaches it is important to take time to reflect on the motherly figures in our lives. Mother’s day is a highly celebrated day to show our appreciation and graciousness for mom. Motherhood is an influential and significant part of many individuals’ identities and lifestyles. Motherhood does not have one mould either but can look very different in each person’s life. There are single mothers, birth mothers, step mothers, adoptive mothers and grandmothers that can all take on the role of a maternal figure for an individual. 


Mothers are typically described as compassionate, supportive, safe and caregivers. Mothers also make mistakes, get tired and overwhelmed like any other human being. During this coming Mother’s day take some time to acknowledge and show your appreciation for any of the motherly figures close to you. 


Mothers day can also entail complex emotions. Not all individuals have a consistent or present mother figure in their lives or they may have unfortunately lost theirs. From these experiences mothers, the day is often seen as an unpleasant reminder of these misfortunes. Whether your mother’s day involves time spent with those close to you or feelings of anger and guilt Journey counselling encourages you to take space to reflect on the emotions you attach to the day and how they contribute to who you have grown to be. If you are overwhelmed, confused or need someone to talk with about how you are feeling please reach out to our office from support. 

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