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It’s About Emotional Wellness… and Nutrition

Posted on: Sunday, February 17th, 2019

Nutrition is comprised of our food choices, meal timing and dietary intake behaviours. It is part of the performance triad – consisting of nutrition, sleep and activity. Optimal nutrition plays a role in supporting overall health, and provides adequate energy for day to day cognitive and physical tasks which can affect your sleep, mood and general wellbeing. So what does nutrition look like? It means reducing your intake of sugary drinks, alcohol, trans fats and bad carbohydrates, among others. These types of foods can impair your neural appetite regulation pathway and lead to weight gain. Nutrition consists of eating breakfast regularly, drinking at least 7 servings of water a day, and choosing to incorporate more simple carbs and sugars into your diet.

Dietary supplements are a popular choice among healthy eaters which include omega-3 fatty acids, protein powders and multivitamins. They can be a great way to aid nutrition however, when abused, can cause poor nutritional fitness, sleep disturbances and increased rates of injury. So you might be wondering how you can improve or even start your journey to healthy eating? The first step is to get educated about nutrition and what you are putting into your body. Including exercise and meal planning to avoid unhealthy choices, as well as the use of dietary supplements (when needed) are excellent approaches to nutrition.

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