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October was National Anti-Bullying Month

Posted on: Saturday, November 10th, 2012

While efforts are continually being made in schools to support our children and youth against bullying, this problem prevails. Thousands of kids miss school every day because they are scared to go to school as a result from bullying.

3 R‘s of Bullying (from

Recognize Bullying – recognize if you or someone else is being bullied and take steps to stop it

Refuse to be a Bully Bystander – don’t give the bully an audience as most bullying will not occur without others watching

Report Bullying – if you see or experience bullying – report it. Tell someone – your parents/a friend/teacher/counsellor or report it anonymously at

If your child or someone you know has experienced bullying our children’s counsellors  can listen and provide support, tools, strategies, self-esteem development and empowerment for getting through this difficult time. You will also learn how to develop assertive behavior, feel better about yourself and face others with confidence.

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