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Post Stampede Blues

Posted on: Sunday, July 21st, 2019

Stampede 2019 has come to a close, so what now? It’s time to snap back into reality and initiate mindful behaviours that allow one to reflect and react to decisions made over the ten-day period. Stampede is a fun-filled event with lots of opportunities for everyone to loosen up, and spend money. The rush of Stampede season provides a chaotic parallel to the everyday familiarity of normal life, this can insight psychological trauma in addition to the inevitable trauma that our wallets will also suffer. People can often fall into an emotional slump due to a decrease in social interaction, which in turn can trigger a situational depression.


Being aware of the signs and symptoms of depression is the key to promoting good mental health within yourself and others, as it provides you with the essential tools that you or a loved one may need to cope with the effects of depression. Not only is this significant, but knowing it is okay to ask for help, especially financially, and when to ask for help. 

Practicing healthy financial habits is always paramount, but ensuring extra diligence in this area during Stampede is important. But we all slip up sometimes, and it’s never too late to begin practicing healthy financial habits, even reactively by receiving the financial guidance you need, and our team at Journey Counselling here for your stress management and coping.

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