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Practicing Gratitude

Posted on: Tuesday, January 19th, 2021

Gratitude can be defined in several different ways, but in a clinical definition is defined as, “the appreciation of what is valuable and meaningful to oneself; it is a general state of thankfulness and/or appreciation”. There have been several studies that have shown, “people who consciously count their blessings tend to be happier and less depressed”. 


Practicing gratitude can look different from person to person. Some may have a gratitude journal to record what they are grateful for every day, some may acknowledge what they appreciate within themselves, or express this to others. Showing appreciation for ourselves and practicing our own self-care is also important in expressing gratitude. 


Finding gratitude in the little things does not discount the mental health struggles you are facing or make them go away. Looking for any positivity, even if it is small, within our lives is beneficial because even on a bad day, we can remind ourselves of what we have and not assume everything is negative/bad. Practicing gratitude through challenges, although difficult, “can make managing them easier”. 


Take a few minutes every day to practice gratitude in your own way. These practices can create long term impacts in your life. If you feel you may need further support, please feel free to book a counselling session at Journey Counselling at 403-619-8558 or if in need of immediate assistance, contact the Distress Centre at 403-266-4357

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