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Let Journey Counselling be a part of your new beginning!

Posted on: Monday, May 29th, 2017

Spring and summer means wedding season. Couples invest time, money, and energy into creating one memorable day to celebrate their love. However, a wedding is only the beginning of a lifelong commitment—a successful marriage requires lifelong investment. Pre-marriage counselling is a worthy investment into the relationship, and can have long-lasting benefits for newly wed couples.



While you are planning your wedding, are you also preparing for your marriage? Marriage is a major life decision that means dedication to communication and compromise. Before saying “I do”, it is ideal to discuss important matters with your partner. Such discussions include:  

What does marriage mean to each partner?   

What roles and responsibilities do each partner hold?

How will career goals and aspirations affect the marriage?

How to set parenting styles and parental responsibilities?

How to ensure religion and culture are valued?

How are finances and expenses managed?

How do each person’s leisure activities come into play?

To ensure an open and effective communication, pre-marriage counselling allows partners to discuss these matters in order to minimize potential future conflict.  


Developing conflict resolution skills

Conflict is, in fact, a normal and healthy part of relationships. Pre-marriage counselling provides opportunities for couples to discuss these issues. If the couple can effectively navigate these conflicts, it may result in a stronger and more satisfying marriage. A counsellor can help a couple work through their difficulties and teach them to keep love alive despite adversities.


Making peace with your past
Past relationships and experiences can have significant influence on how couples handle marriage.  Pre-marriage counselling can teach how to break free from the past and introduce strategies to approach conflicts in a health way. It helps dismantle fears about relationships and allows partners to start their marriage on a clean slate.


Couples feel that pre-marriage counselling is extra work while planning the wedding. Research shows that couples who did take this additional step found that they were able to communicate more effectively, and thus their wedding planning was less stressful. Pre-marriage counselling can be hassle-free, and can be completed over a series of 5 appointments or through a one-day workshop.

The Marriage Preparation Program at Journey Counselling offers couples a fun and flexible way to enhance friendship, communication, and long-term planning strategies.


Register now! And let us be a part of your new beginning.

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