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Protecting your Mental Health During COVID-19

Posted on: Saturday, April 4th, 2020

Have you been worried or apprehensive about the effects of the coronavirus pandemic? You are certainly not alone. With World Health Day being April 7th, we want to help you keep your health, and specifically mental health, strong.


The constant news about this pandemic has been very overwhelming and disturbing to everyone across the world, affecting the lives of many. People may experience anxiety about their health or the health of those around such as a loved one, disruptions in sleep or eating patterns, chronic health issues beginning to worsen, or using substances such as alcohol more than normal. These responses can worsen over time and cause mental health concerns. 


However, there is hope in helping improve the mental health of people during this time of fear and uncertainty. There are some important steps that can lead to a healthier mental state while coping with the pandemic. It is important for people to understand what is in their control and not in control of their lives; you are in control of your actions and how you may prevent COVID-19 from spreading, so remember to be kind to yourself for the things that are uncertain of right now. Being mindful of feelings you are experiencing and being present in the moment can decrease negative thoughts about the future. Practicing mindfulness can be beneficial by using different mindfulness activities to alleviate the stress you are facing. Another helpful option is to go outside to get some fresh air. Finally, even if it is recommended to self-isolate, you are still encouraged to make a phone call to a friend, family member, mentor, or another important person in your life for support. 


Yes, this is a very stressful time for most. However, we as a society are in this together and we will fight against COVID-19. Continue to spread positivity and kindness to each other, but more importantly to yourself during this time of uncertainty.

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