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Sleep is a Soldier’s Best Friend

Posted on: Sunday, November 11th, 2018

Like a good diet and exercise healthy sleep habits have to be developed and are hard to maintain. Regular food, water, air and sleep are all physiologically critical for life and overall health. Effects of short-term sleep deprivation: reduced mental effectiveness, poor consciousness, problem solving, alertness, creativity and increased errors and accidents. Effects of long-term (chronic) sleep deprivation: heart disease, poor metabolism, obesity, diabetes, mood disorder, weakened immune system leading to host of other illnesses

Myth: Not feeling sleepy so I will not go to bed. False. After many days or weeks of ignoring sleep signals we become de-sensitized. Go to bed like clockwork or start winding down at the appointed time.

Fact: Over 69,000 vehicle accident deaths over a 10-year period attributed to sleepiness in the US. Over 8000 in Canada for same time period.

In battle even the smallest ‘edge’ in situational awareness and alertness and response time could be the difference between life, death and mission success. The more sleep on a regular basis the more resilient the soldier becomes during times of limited sleep. Want to measure how much sleep you get, get a wristwatch that tracks sleep. Measure your own effectiveness and give yourself the sleep you need.

Make sleep a priority – schedule it like everything else that is really important to mission success.

BENEFITS – With good regular sleep habits you will experience better overall health, cognitive alertness, better-on-the-job performance, school performance, increased motivation and improved mood. You will do better and others around you will appreciate a fully present YOU! Many lives depend on your sleep including your brother at arms!

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