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“It’s not cheating, it’s Stampeding”

Posted on: Monday, July 10th, 2017

In Calgary, the phrase that has been repeated over the year is “It’s not cheating, it’s Stampeding”. There has consistently been a spike in divorce rates in the weeks following Stampede. It occurs so regularly that it has been dubbed “The Stampede effect” – where Calgary leads the country in divorce rates over the summer. Divorce consultants get many aggressive calls during Stampede; some clients demand that a divorce is processed in an unrealistic amount of time. The after effects of the Calgary Stampede not only shatters marriages, it also affects people in common-law and other romantic relationships.



People who are in a place of vulnerability going to Stampede are most likely to do things they soon regret. For men or women in rocky relationships, they tend to seek intimacy from someone beside their partner – and Stampede offers numerous activities and events that provides people an opportunity to involve in infidelity.



For years prior, Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission (AGLC) has approved bars and restaurants across Calgary to sell alcohol at  AGLC changing the laws to make drinking occur earlier means that drinking alcohol is an intrinsic part of Stampede culture. Many Stampeders start drinking during a free pancake breakfast, and end up drinking more at the Stampede grounds. Lots of alcohol is consumed during Stampede which leads people to let loose and make poor decisions. Alcohol plays a huge role in Stampede’s high rate of infidelity – it gives people confidence to fulfill their sexual desires and partake in the “Wild Wild West.”



For some Stampeder’s, not wearing their wedding ring is an important detail to their overall attire. It gives the illusion that they are single, which may invite inappropriate behaviours such as cheating. There were even bars in Calgary that offered to spray tan over ring finger tan lines. During Stampede in 2007, a downtown Calgary hotel cheekily offered visitors option to check wedding rings at the door and get free airbrush for ring finger tan lines. In the same context, losing a wedding ring in a bar is becoming a lot more common each year during Stampede week.


Pace yourself

It is easy to get caught up in the excitement of the many attractions and events of the Calgary Stampede. Before heading to Stampede, it is ideal to set boundaries for yourself. Remember that excessive drinking of alcohol is not necessary to have fun. It is important to be aware of the temptations of Stampede culture that may prompt acts of infidelity.


Bonding Booster

Above all, let us remember what makes Stampede a great time in Calgary. There are many ways to enjoy Stampede while creating wonderful memories with loved ones – going on rides with a timid partner, trying out this year’s mouth-watering Midway foods with the family, or singing along with friends at the live performances of Coca-Cola Stage.


Stampede Proofing

Journey team loves to hear your fun and exciting Stampede experiences, and are happy to help if you feel your relationship needs Stampede proofing.


Call us and let Journey Counselling join you through life’s ups and downs. Happy Stampeding!


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