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Taking Care of Your Health

Posted on: Tuesday, April 27th, 2021

World Health Day was celebrated in April. Health, on the individual and global level, has been a topic on our minds over the last year more than ever. COVID- 19 has had a great impact on both the global population’s physical health and mental health. This last year has pushed everyone to adapt from their normal schedules and structures to an online and isolated reality.  Times of crisis often bring great stress and also reveal great resilience. 

Stress over the changes, restrictions and lifestyle shifts this past year have taken a toll on many individuals’ mental health, if not all persons in some way. The stress of getting COVID-19 or the fear of losing a loved one is stressful enough, but when followed by a cut off in social relations, one can easily be overwhelmed. Through these stressful times, placing priority on your mental health is essential. Many large organizations such as the World Health Organization and the Canada Health Organization have published tools to help support mental health during this time.  Humans are not meant to function without interactions and relations with others. Take some time over the next few days to prioritize your mental health by calling a friend, going for a walk or reaching out to a professional psychologist here at Journey Counselling. 


Despite the difficult times, this past year has brought great resilience and love in communities. Though the past year of COVID has been unpredictable, many have come together to support one another in unique and beautiful ways. As this strange period of life progresses and hopefully comes to a close, we encourage you to reach out to those who have supported you throughout this strange time.

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