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A Big Thank You from Journey Family

Posted on: Monday, September 18th, 2017

We have attempted twice to expand, first we opened an office in the SW – Aspen/ West 85th in 2014 for 18 months we labored and had to shut down. Then in 2016 we placed an offer on a psychology practice for sale and did not succeed – we learned a lot both times. So our Grand Opening for this 2nd Location is a BIG deal! There are so many people to thank…

I do want to thank God 1st and foremost who plants seeds and gives dreams and provides the people, resources and sufficient challenges to grow the dream.

The many who was not able to attend who sent their regrets including Councilwoman Druh Farrell who represents ward 7 where our 1st office is located and who was supportive at City Council in 2010 of our bid to rezone a 1930’s built house into our NW location. She is busy ahead of municipal elections.

Our many clients – we call them members of the Journey family – from the very first couple who called me on my cell phone and said Charles we need to see you next week on April 1st 2008 – that became our birthday! Our clients help us grow and to know that we are doing a good job – they keep referring their friends!

Many friends, family, mentors and advisors whose names are too numerous to count: Zeljko Puric, Jeff Chang, etc. who made me feel supported no matter how young and naïve I was or how outlandish my ideas. Thank you Dr. Beth Balshaw for offering me a windowless office at the Campana Place to start in with only a one month lease.

My Team – it is said if you lead and no one is following then you are merely going for a walk. I ask much and you give much. It has been pleasure growing together and I look forward to where we go with all of you on the bus.

It is hard to celebrate without witnesses and others who believe – so to all who participated in making grand success of our event – THANK YOU!


Charles Coleman


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