How to Adjust Your Goals to Endure the Pandemic
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The Four D’s to Reducing Stress When You Have to Hang in for the Long Haul

Posted on: Wednesday, April 7th, 2021

As the pandemic drags on and cases spike, variants are on the loose and society shuts down again and again, it is possible to feel a loss of hope. Hope is defined as the ‘capacity to imagine a future in which you wish to participate’ ~ Ronna Jevne.

When hope falters we can feel disoriented in terms of our plans. We work harder, throw in the towel or move through our tasks like zombies. Here are some ideas to maintain hope while taking charge of our goals.

Divide the Work: As you plan your goals for the week or the month, plan to do some and not all. Be purposeful with less. Wash the car tomorrow and the laundry the next day. Complete one report this week instead of the two and ask for an extension if needed.

Double the Time: Similar to the strategy above, why do today what you can do tomorrow or next week? Consider giving yourself 4 months to complete a course instead of two, or 6 months to train your dog or get used to a new software system. Protect against feelings of laziness by remembering you are simply extending the time to accomplish the task.

Delegate: Nobody is often the answer I hear to the question, who can you ask for help? The absence of support is just as much a perception as it is reality. Some people need to be promoted and asked to play a more important role in your life. Consider asking the person you see at the gym to become a workout buddy or the handyman on Kijiji to help put up a shelf.

Delete: I find this to be the hardest of the four D’s. The decision to take something completely off your to do list or your goals chart. Learning that third language, detailing your vehicle before spring, having another baby. It could be anything, and feelings of underperforming and not being your best self can easily creep in. Especially for Type A folks. Find one item to take off and don’t look back. Your future self will thank you.

We are going to get through this. Let’s actively focus on the present and taking one day at a time.

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