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Whose Dream Are You Living Anyway?

Posted on: Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

There are so many ideas floating around inviting you to make them your own. Ideas about what makes someone fulfilled, confident and happy. Ideas about success. The successful man, mother, teacher, business executive, adolescent, girl friend etc. The fulfilled individual has become all these things and then some!

None of these things need to be viewed in a negative light.

But if these dreams, ambitions and aspirations leave us feeling like failures then life starts to feel unbearable and the pressure can get to us. We may describe ourselves as unsuccessful and live under a cloud of pessimism that even borders on self-loathing.

Whose dream are you living anyway?

Is the dream connected to our values and beliefs and consistent with our long held intentions about life? Could we hold ourselves accountable to these dreams even if nobody got to know? Would we still achieve these dreams if the general population did not applaud us? Would these be the dreams that the important others in our lives share?

So before you ‘fail’ yet again, take a deep breath, and ask, how did I come by these expectations? Keep it real and take the pressure off.

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