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Why I am Enthused by the US Elections?

Posted on: Monday, November 3rd, 2008

I usually do not post or discuss politics at length while at work, but recent events and conversations have put the US election at centre stage of my thoughts in recent months. And its not about the candidates – its about the People. They are excited. They seem to be on the brink of something new. They seem to want change at a cost. This is where I get excited: that they are considering and willing to pay the cost for change. I see the cost for change in several ways similar to the cost my clients are involved in making daily in their own lives.

1) There must be involvement and empowerment: instead of relying just on the govt machinery to run the nation people are getting involved, first to vote, then to speak up, make changes in their lives and continue to hold the govt accountable. My clients are similarly wanting to be involved in their change, letting me know what they know, what has worked in the past and the many things they can and will do. We rely on theirs and my resourcefulness and bring in the ideas of many others.

2) There must be a preferred future: the People have not always seen the realization of the American dream and in a changing world order they struggle with its possibility. These past few months they have shown a resolve to create a new America where it is possible for even more people to realize the American dream. My clients forever amaze me with the pictures they have of their lives free of anxiety’s strong grip, of a happy healthy and intimate relationship with their partner or waking up each morning with a strong desire to work, live and play. I help them amplify these pictures so we can work together towards a common end rich with detail and revealing the client as the person they want to be.

3) There must be results. There are many areas that the American people seem not to be satisfied to let the staus quo reign and they seem to be demanding results starting with the economy. Here is part of a clients story, “my husband and I both have been making good strides in terms of building those boundaries… and I think it’s already helping”! Over and over I hear of what is happening between sessions – clients are breaking through and being surprised by their own lives!

Change can be measured by looking back and then looking forward. Are you where you used to be? How much closer are you to your preferred future? In the weeks and years ahead the People of the US will be doing this very exercise. My hope is that they are able to say, yes we are further along than we were on November 4th 2008.


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