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World Cup Fever

Posted on: Monday, June 21st, 2010

You know you have World Cup fever when

you have switched to Rogers in order to watch the games at work

you wake up at 5am to watch the first game and watch the replays later that night

you have stopped going to the gym in case you miss the second match of the day

you have become familiar with the names of players on several teams and know what teams they play for in the European leagues

you have purchased the now infamous vuvuzela on eBay

you have sold your stocks early and actually gone to South Africa

Rest assured there are so many of us its not a concern!

We have a keen awareness of world drama played on the football stage. The USA holding the UK to a draw, Switzerland beating Spain the world cup favorites, the anticipated antics of Diego Maradona, the current Argentina coach who’s expected drama is at the top of several betting pools. It is through football (soccer to us in North America) that ‘weaker’ nuclear powers can show their strength, that previous warring nations can play a friendly game and players exchange shirts: the world cup is surely a wonderful stage, a meeting place of the world, a chance at peace and healthy competition.

Take control of your time and of your life. Record the games on PVR and watch them without missing out on other important things in life. May the best team win!

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