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Kigali, Rwanda 2009

The 1994 genocide in Rwanda resulted in:

  •      the death of at least 10% of the country’s 7.7 million inhabitants 
  •      the displacement of nearly 4 million people , Hutu diaspora to Zaire, Tanzania, and Burundi, with many Tutsi doing the same, while others fled to Europe and America for safety
  •      the rape of at least 500 000 women 
  •      100 000 orphans 
  •      between 10 000 and 150 000 Rwandans became involved in the slaughter, either by coercion or choice 
  •      most people being killed in their local communities by perpetrators who were known to the victims 
  •      125 000 individuals imprisoned 
  •      the destruction of much of Rwanda’s infrastructure 

Today, Rwandans live with the following repercussions of genocide and related crimes:

  •      1 in 4 Rwandans meet the DSM- IV criteria for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder 
  •      many survivors have received little or no psychotherapeutic support 
  •      in a culture that carries a strong oral tradition, most have never told their story to anyone 
  •      countless unwanted children
  •      HIV/AIDS
  •      Rwanda is one of the poorest nations on the planet: land-locked, deforested and underfunded 

One Solution: CentrePeace, Rwanda

CentrePeace Rwanda is intended to become a centre for training, peace, healing and reconciliation in Kigali; the capital of Rwanda. This centre is to facilitate counselling, seminars, leadership development, mediation services, literacy programs, skills training, a library of resources for study, and a safe environment for Rwandans to process grief and trauma after the genocide and horror experienced by millions.

I’m excited to go in May 2009! Are you excited to come with me?

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