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Attention Deficit Disorder

Discover how to manage the specific challenges of ADD.

Attention Deficit Disorder

A child with ADD or ADHD can have a lot to overcome. Trouble focusing can make it difficult for them to succeed not only academically, but socially and athletically as well.

  • ADD makes recognizing social cues harder
  • Distraction during practice and competition inhibits athletic performance 
  • These challenges can wear on kids’ self-esteem and make them feel hopeless

If you think your child might have ADD, we can do a comprehensive assessment. If you know your child has ADD, our counsellors will give them the tools and skills they need to live up to their potential at school, in relationships, and at play, and will also open their eyes to the advantages of having ADD. Whether your child is quiet and creative, the class clown, or anything in between, they can learn how to shore up their weak spots and work with their strengths to achieve their goals in each sphere of life.

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