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Drug and Alcohol Use

Nip it in the bud!

Drug and Alcohol Use

Maybe you’re worried that your child might be using pot, alcohol, or other drugs. There are some warning signs:

  • Ditching school
  • Staying out late
  • Making poor decisions
  • Missing money
  • Grades dropping
  • Lying

Or maybe you know they are. You’ve caught them, you’ve punished them, maybe several times, but now they’ve been smoking pot again. What do we do now? Kick them out of the house? Is my child addicted to marijuana, or are they just doing it because their friends are? If youth are using drugs or alcohol a lot, they are not accomplishing what they need to in this stage of life. As an adult, all of their behaviour will have consequences, but they are still learning that. We will help you handle this in a way that better prepares them for life in the real world. We will assess whether this should be treated as an addiction or not. We will help you to build a family environment based on mutual trust and respect. We will help you to design and implement a protocol of choices and consequences that will make sense to them and get through to them.

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