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Parent-Child Conflict

Learn how to reduce the fighting and increase both obedience and two-way communication.

Parent-Child Conflict

Testing out their environment is a normal and healthy way for children to learn about their world. Teens have been compared to burglars, testing every window and door within the house to see whether or not it will open this time! They are always checking to see if the boundaries are firm and consistent. But when they go from asserting their independence to fighting with you constantly, it becomes toxic and miserable for everyone. If your child…

  • is not engaging in family activities,
  • is often disrespectful,
  • is not doing what they should be doing (e.g., chores, schoolwork, obeying rules),
  • feels like you aren’t listening,
  • feels like you don’t understand,
  • wants to talk, but not to you, or
  • feels like your expectations are unreasonable

…we can help. Resolving conflict with a child is different from with an adult, and different again from with a teenager. Because of the way their brain develops, distinct strategies are appropriate for each age group. We will show you how to talk to your child so that they truly listen and understand what you’re trying to say. We will also coach you in listening in a specific way that encourages kids to share with you openly, honestly, and kindly. We will help you stop the war and develop effective conflict resolution so you can go back to being a loving family.

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