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Our romantic relationships can bring us great happiness, but sometimes they are also a challenge.  Every couple has some difficulty along the way but this doesn’t have to be cause for despair.  The fact that you are reading this means you are already on the right track toward dealing with your troubles and enriching your relationship beyond what seems possible right now.  Whether you have been together for 6 months or 30 years, and whether your relationship is suffering because of infidelity, anger, a lack of communication, boredom, or any other problem, the skilled couples counsellors at Journey Counselling in Calgary can help. 


Our Problem Is…

Do any of these situations sound familiar?  You love each other, and you don’t want to fight, but somehow that ends up happening all too often.  Maybe it seems like you’re fighting about the same things over and over again (e.g., finances or parenting), or maybe you’re fighting over every little thing, including things you used to be able to laugh off.  Maybe one or both of you have a hard time controlling your anger and you blow up in ways you regret later.  It’s frustrating for both of you and you want to change the pattern but aren’t sure how.

There’s less trust and security in your relationship now.  Maybe you suspect your partner has been cheating, or maybe it’s you that strayed.  Or maybe the underlying issue is something else, like an addiction, that is coming between you and resulting in lies and secrets.  You care about each other but you don’t know how or even if you can get past this and have the relationship you used to share together.

Maybe your relationship is being affected by a challenge one of you is facing, like a personal crisis or trauma, grief, stress at work, depression, self-esteem, or physical illness.  Or maybe the challenge is someone else, like an ex who shares custody of the children or a difficult family member.  If it weren’t for this issue or person you think you and your partner would be fine, but instead you feel like it’s driving a wedge between you.  How can you come together, support each other, and face it like a team?


How can we help you?

When you come for couples counselling at Journey, you can expect to gain the tools to connect more deeply with your significant other, improve communication, rebuild trust, fight fair, balance the needs of the family with the needs of the relationship, rekindle sexual passion, avoid divorce, and have more fun and friendship with your partner.  
We are committed to: Putting the “f” back in marriage in the following ways: