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Fanning the Flame of Intimacy

Putting the 'f' back in marriage!

Fanning the Flame of Intimacy

Alright, when you first read “putting the ‘f’ back in marriage!” we know what you were thinking! We’re thinking that too!  Sexuality is an important part of romantic relationships, so we discuss it with you so that you can have the best relationship possible.  Physical intimacy is one of the ways that partners connect to each other; without it, couples can quickly find that they drift apart.  Spouses often find that they’re not even all that comfortable talking about sex to each other, but healthy communication about sex contributes to our emotional intimacy. It can help us to feel more like our partner truly listens, understands, and knows us.  We need to feel that throughout our lives as we continually change and evolve.

Sexual issues are common and can weigh heavily on a marriage.  There are physical roots to some of these problems (like hormonal changes, stress, or exhaustion), but a skilled counsellor can work with you to identify what is going wrong, why, and how to improve it.  For example, sex therapy can help two people with different preferences find common ground, and can help a passion that has cooled over time to heat up again.

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