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Friendship and Fun

Enjoy each other

Friendship and Fun

Relationships take work, everyone seems to agree, but there’s a lot more to them than that!  Your mate can also be the one who brings a smile to your face after a hard day, who helps you forget all about your worries, and who makes you laugh (even when you’re trying to be serious)!  Often, one or both people in a relationship focus less and less on what they appreciate and love about their partner.  We just get used to the way things are, spend less time together, develop new hobbies on our own and may feel like we have nothing in common anymore.  Thankfully, it is enjoyable and powerful to be reminded of what we love and appreciate about each other, share that with our partners in a way that they truly understand, and hear what they love and appreciate about us.  You can gain the tools to keep appreciation fresh in your mind (and your partner’s) and consistently demonstrated in your friendship relationship.

Couples counselling is about more than dealing with problems, because we know that life will never be perfect so we have to enjoy the ride along the way, imperfections and all.  When we allow ourselves to relax, have fun, and remember that a spouse is also a close friend, then the other stuff gets easier and we can enjoy our lives more.

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